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Dealerships require a comprehensive approach, and simplicity in implementation. We believe the process should be unique to your processes. Your dealership and individual departments are consulted and supported continuously, to fine-tune exactly how you want to do business.

We’ve done it more than 900 times, continually refining our recipe for success.

Workflow Solutions 360˚

A service process that works with you

Increase production and solve problems efficiently by streamlining communication among your team members and clients.

Increased Revenue

& Higher Retention


Even with a proven 99% retention rate, Workflow 360° is constantly evolving. This application focuses on the people, creating a better process for communication that works for your business.

Workflow Solutions 360˚ is the first and leading Production Efficiency Platform.


Every minute matters so save your time and money with Workflow 360˚’s interactive solutions. User-friendly features and excellent communication components help you get rid of inefficiencies and increase billable hours. Stop limiting production. How? By using Workflow 360˚’s flexible communication process software.

Retain More

Increase guest retention through better and instant communication with your dealership clientele. Communicating with your guest about the status of their vehicle’s service provides them with the value of time. Your guests stay in control of their own busy schedules, knowing the status of their vehicle.

Generate More Repair Orders

If there is a smooth process in place, more work gets done. Workflow 360˚ helps all departments communicate on a single thread. Everything from how long a vehicle has been in repair to how long it takes to order and price parts, improves workflow and accurately increases the number of repair orders generated.

Increase Orders

Utilizing Workflow 360˚, your fixed operations will increase production efficiencies, operations, and communication, leading to your service department seeing upwards of 27% or better in their earnings.

More upsells, better processes and higher retention

Better MPI process + Better Communication + Quicker customer notification = More Additional Sales

Use every tenth in your shop. Keep your customers happy and your shop flowing. Single thread communication creates a seamless process and excellent retention rates.


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A successful business stays a step ahead of the competitors. Dealerships use Workflow 360˚’s technology to upsell and communicate with clients for a truly seamless process.


Workflow 360˚ is the only cloud-based software solution platform built for efficiency and management. The ease of use and customization features removes common limitations.


Your dealerships become production focused. Everyone working on a task has seamless communication both internally and externally. Tracking projects in real time eliminates downtime, allowing every department to identify issues and keep the work flowing. After all, Workflow 360˚ is about the PX, people experience.

Actions speak louder than words, so take action with Workflow 360˚ today to see results not just promised, but proven.

Production focused &

Easy to use dealership software

Workflow 360˚ is a software solution developed for dealers who are dissatisfied with the limitations & lack of adoption of their current systems to drive production & facilitate processes within their dealerships.

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Easy To Use

Customization in the settings allows you to create a system that aligns with your operations.

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Fast Training

Solve your problems without the need for extensive training. Workflow 360˚ is simple.

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Highly Flexible

Workflow 360˚ works for you with the flexibility to conform to your dealership processes.

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See everything within one system, from where the parts are to what stage the repair or service is at. Comprehensive data helps you gauge where you are making profits and what you are losing out on.



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