Workflow 360

Workflow 360° is the only Production Efficiency Platform.

What is this Production Efficiency Platform?

A software solution focused on fluid communication to enhance processes and identify wasted technician time.

PEP works with your dealership’s current DMS. It can increase billable hours by helping the production of billable hours be more efficient.

Quite simply, Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform has the power to improve efficiency, leading to an increase in profits.

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Eliminate bottlenecks and wasted time while increasing billable hours.

How?   By using Workflow 360˚’s Production Efficiency Platform.

Service your vehicles quickly for higher customer retention. Enhance your used car lot with sale ready vehicles in a timely manner. Using time efficiently translates to fluid production, increased sales, and an improved bottom line.

Three important performance measures


The number of repair orders, guests and units waiting to be services are increased creating a steady inventory.


Process more billable hours in fewer clocked hours, improving service processes.

Flow Time

Process your inventory efficiently to continue workflow for more work orders completed in a day.

Measuring each stage of the process allows you to precisely identify timing deficiencies and bottlenecks. Keep everyone involved in the service process by pinpointing where each vehicle is and communicating the information to both your staff and customers. Gain dealership revenue through a seamless connection.


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Customization Process

Workflow 360˚’s Production Efficiency Platform process works for your dealership and customers.

Your dealership, individual departments, and customers are continuously consulted and supported.

Why is this important?


To fine-tune exactly how you want your dealership to reflect process. Effective communication allows the service department to keep moving all jobs forward as supporting departments and staff work efficiently without obstacles.


How does your work flow?


Consistent reporting allows for a smooth personalized integration process where time is used to its best ability for every user of Workflow 360˚. Management becomes the eye in the sky, using the system’s dashboard which collects all data generated. You are provided with real-time reporting.


  • Assess each step of service
  • The performance of each employee
  • Identify where process bottlenecks regularly occur
  • View progress of every vehicle at all stages of service
  • Directly communicate with your customers

You control your dealership’s workflow instead of it controlling you. Most cloud-based platforms enforce step-by-step task completion, not allowing techs to work between jobs when possible. With Workflow 360˚ techs can start one task, place it on hold, and return to the task seamlessly.

Why is this beneficial to you?


While waiting for parts, customer approvals, or warranty submissions, techs can keep their job stacks moving along. Create more billable hours, reducing unapplied time.

How do you know when you are succeeding/failing, or how to fix issues?


The capabilities of the Workflow 360° Production Efficiency Platform allows you to improve your RO with department processes. Visual analytics within Workflow 360˚ helps pinpoint key trends and opportunities so your business can succeed. Identifying issues in real-time saves you downtime.


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CSI Impact

Your customers are the key to your dealership’s success. Workflow 360˚ allows you to directly and effectively communicate with your customers in real-time through two-way communication. Staying focused on building and maintaining relationships increases customer retention.


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Why text?

Instant messaging is one of the most used forms of communication today; it is how your client wants to send and receive updates about their vehicle.

Dealership Instant Communication System

Working with what people know and desire helps the flow of information. It’s no secret that people would rather text than call. Information is relayed in an instant without tying up phone lines or staff.

What else does SMS messaging help with?


  • Simplifying communication with your customers
  • Shortens vehicle repair process as texting is a quick form of communication
  • Helps you complete more hours and RO because efficiency can mean more time to get additional jobs done

82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, but consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive.


Smartphone users spend 22% of their time on their phone texting but only 10% of their time using email.


78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates.

Workflow 360˚ text messaging capability creates personalized messages for your customers, making them feel valuable.

Workflow 360° provides superior service and guest experience, raising retention and CSI. How?


  • Freeing you from inefficient processes, allowing you to focus on what matters; the customer
  • Direct 2-way texting between the customer and dealership representatives that are responsible for the customer’s happiness
  • Process accountability and the ability to hold people accountable


Workflow 360˚’s streamlined process retains current satisfied customers and reaches future clients.


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Revenue Generation Generating revenue requires a loyal, satisfied customer base. How do you do this?


Through Workflow 360°, a single platform that focuses on timely communication. An integrated software solution promotes transparency and ensures every customer touchpoint is convenient and professional.

This Production Efficiency Platform provides accurate insights through detailed analytics by giving real-time views of every vehicle and process. Insights keep managers in control of cycle time, productivity and the customer experience. An efficient flowing process produces happy customers which in turn generates revenue for your dealership.


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Multipoint Inspection


Everything service related is focused on time and Workflow 360˚’s multipoint inspection is constructed around this. The electronic MPI platform was built with the technician at its core. You know a difficult multi-step inspection process causes your technicians to have too much time invested to achieve an adequate return on investment. Make your work-life simpler by using Workflow 360˚.

Simple, intuitive, and flexible.

This platform provides you with an inspection process that allows you to get multipoint inspections accomplished. This Production Efficiency Platform is simple, intuitive, and flexible while giving you the ability to communicate the inspection directly with your customer via print, email, and text. For these reasons, the inspections get done efficiently and effectively and your customers get the results they are looking for.

Stop losing time and money.
Start using Workflow 360˚.


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Dealership (challenges)


What are the common problems that dealerships face?


  • Bottleneck
  • Limited vehicles moving through shops
  • Waiting on warranty work and approvals
  • No improvements to aging business processes

What can your dealership do to avoid these issues?


Use Workflow 360˚ to have a single inspection process focused on hours produced instead of selling parts. Sales will automatically rise with the proper process in place.

Assign an RO to vendors and manufacturers without providing access to your books of business, avoiding additional and often expensive licenses.


As a third party, having the ability to locate and assess a pending service request is now expedited with the ability to easily see related images and tech notes.


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Take on the advantages of Workflow 360˚ for your best results!