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Dealership Production Platform

People, processes and communication are what our company is built on.


We get your operational process flowing seamlessly through each department. Workflow 360˚ helps to increase profits in your dealership by fine-tuning communication both internally and externally. It took the vision of our three entrepreneurs, with more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry, to develop our PEP.

What is Workflow 360˚?

The first cloud-based Production Efficiency Platform.


Workflow 360˚ is a software solution with a live, interactive route sheet providing complete visibility and direct communication between departments.

Do you have access to the internet? An internet connection is all you need to use Workflow 360˚.

Track jobs, revenue and processes with personalized route sheets tailored for you.


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What does the route sheet accomplish?


For your technicians, allows them to get the job done while remaining in their work center.


For your service advisor, they are aware at all times of each repair order status and vehicle location.


Keeps your service guests updated on the status of their vehicle.

Actively manage processes including the following:
  • Technician working on vehicle
  • Attention Parts
  • Carry Overs
  • Loaner/rental cars
  • Tow-ins
  • Body shop
  • Dispatching
  • Reconditioning
Can have as many route sheets as necessary including:
  • My RO’s
  • All RO’s
  • Closed RO’s
  • PDI’s
  • Used cars
  • Body shop
  • Sublet
  • Detail

Fully integrated with your DMS, Workflow 360˚ provides and logs direct communication from anywhere.

Workflow 360° is the domain expert in dealership production and efficiency.


Service is measured in time. We provide a platform to manage what you sell, how you are paid, how service is measured, and how CSI is critiqued.


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Workflow Production Efficiency Route Sheet
Automotive Scheduling Software

What is Workflow 360˚

made of?


  • An interactive route sheet
  • Shop loading tool
  • Service guest portal – add-on titled Service 360°
  • Live service guest waiter board
  • Sales/Service communication


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Our company is about the PX, the people experience, doing whatever it takes to make your jobs less complicated. Workflow 360° frees you from inefficient processes allowing you to focus on the critical components of your job. Our exciting product is built with the latest technology, allowing you to achieve business flow and success.


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Automobile Inventory Management

Workflow Solutions 360˚ gets rid of distractions and lets work flow.

Real-time reporting. Log in from anywhere. Unlimited users. Simple.


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We work on 3 philosophies and integrations:

Flexibility - We integrate into your DMS so you don’t have to work with us. We work for you.
Ease of use - Our platform is uncomplicated and easy to use at any level in your dealership.
Solve problems - We work to solve some of the problems you encounter at your dealership everyday. Through single thread communication, you have visibility into the dealership at a RO level, improving their ability to supply additional support to the dealership service team, solving service guest issues and improving CSI. Service guests are happier with reduced wait times; in turn, loaner cars are being used for shorter periods of time. Reduced time eliminates technicians being held up due to bottlenecking.
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Workflow Solutions 360˚

The Company


The group of professionals who make up the Workflow 360° team is skilled in strategic planning, management, consulting, operations, and sales. Each individual knows what it takes to make a business process flow. They are fully committed to making your work flow to achieve efficiency in all platforms. Take a lending hand from the members of Workflow 360° to experience a system that truly works for you, the people.


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