Dealership Operations

Dealership Operations Software

An automotive management system with a DMS extension helps to ease the overwhelm of day-to-day operations. Workflow 360˚ is designed to provide dealerships with a program that benefits all departments.

Dealership Management System

With so many moving parts in a car dealership, the smallest of missed details has the potential to create bigger issues. What makes this especially challenging is the important roles that each department plays in the success of a dealership. For operations to run smoothly, the communication process must be streamlined and easily accessible for every team.

Improved productivity across all departments

Streamlined communication on an easy-to-use platform

How Workflow 360˚ Integrates With Business Operations


Simplified communication across departments – A DMS plugin works on existing automotive management systems to allow for quick communication between departments. Each person who is connected to the RO can view conversations and real-time updates to keep vehicles rotating in the service bay.

SMS communication with customers – Workflow 360˚ makes it possible for service advisors to send a quick text to the client with photos that are conveniently stored in one place. Faster approvals let technicians complete services quicker and increase customer satisfaction with fast, reliable service.

Data Management

Data collected on a single dashboard – With a productivity-focused DMS extension, all data generated in your existing DMS is collected on the dashboard for easy access across departments. Team members can view client information and all communication attached to the file. Consistent, real-time reporting in an adopted system saves time and provides managers with a bird’s eye view of each vehicle’s progress.

Populated data and analytics – Accurate insights help managers identify where constraints are common in the service cycle. This gives dealerships the ability to continue fine-tuning their services and improving pain points as the business grows.

Accurate data reporting – Collecting customer data provides opportunities to mine for revenue – if the data is accurate and accessible across departments. A DMS plugin reduces the risk of inaccurate, missed, or lost data with real-time reporting.

Workflow 360˚ is a solution for the constraints that dealerships experience in day-to-day operations with a limited DMS. It is a flexible and intuitive platform that is customized to your processes and meets the needs of your dealership.

The Impact On Customer Relationship

A dealer management plugin that works with your existing DMS makes it possible for every department to access customer information, communicate between departments, and maintain two-way communication with customers.

With streamlined communication and improved data management, dealerships are better able to respond to their customers’ needs. Clients who feel valued with personalized communication and exceptional service are what ultimately drive business.

Dealership Operations Software FAQ

Most dealerships use a dealer management system (DMS) software that has everything they need in one platform, including:

Customer management capabilities
Data storage and management
Vehicle Inventory management
Parts inventory management
Electronic scheduling of service appointments
Extensive reporting capabilities
Dashboard view of activities
Accounting capabilities

Yes, a DMS extension like Workflow 360’s Production Efficiency Platform can improve dealership operations with:

Simplified communication across departments
Easy data access on a single dashboard for all departments
SMS communication capabilities with customers
Real-time reporting capabilities
Accurate insights on where constraints are happening in the service cycle
Accurate data reporting