Workflow 360˚ flows through all your departments, creating an ROI for each.

All your teams are connected through one system so they can communicate without leaving their work location.

What are the main results of Workflow 360˚?


  • Boosted revenue
  • Increased shop efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Workflow 360˚ allows you to manage cross departments efficiently by tracking every vehicle and process. You can identify issues and notify everyone connected to the RO in real-time.


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How integrating Workflow 360 into a Dealership Management System can affect each department?

Departments 1

Service Advisors

  • Manage your book of business no matter where you are
  • Effectively communicate with service technicians and the parts department
  • Communicate directly with your customers through text and e-mail updates such as “Vehicle ready for pick-up.”
  • Increase CSI
  • Stay informed during the whole process
  • Reduce your day-to-day stress load

Departments 2

Parts Department

  • Have fluid communication about parts, prices, availability, and order times
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Increase revenue for your department
  • Sell more parts

Departments 3

Service Technicians

  • Get answers and approvals quickly so you can do what matters
  • Stay informed in your bay and increase your production
  • Work more efficiently
  • Create more revenue
Technicians can see an average 15-27% pay increase just by using Workflow 360˚.

Departments 4

Sales Managers

  • Stay in touch with your service department at all times so you can be in the know for what matters
  • Keep clear, precise documented instructions and conversations on required work
  • Move vehicles through service quicker and onto the lot ready to sell

Make your communication simple, direct and trackable resulting in throughput and customer satisfaction.


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