How does a Dealer Management System Improve the MPI Process of Automobile Industry?

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How does a Dealer Management System Improve the MPI Process of Automobile Industry?

Professionals in the automobile industry are well-versed and familiar with how dealer management systems are designed to improve workflow. However, most dealer management systems available on the market leave gaps and lacks streamlined communication between teams and the customer.

A typical DMS infrastructure doesn’t guarantee real-time information that keeps every department up to date about where a vehicle is in the multi inspection process.

Without an integrated system, some of the challenges that dealerships commonly face are:

  • Bottlenecks through the MPI process
  • Limited vehicles moving through shops
  • Increased downtime while waiting on approvals
  • A DMS that is not customized to balance the workload
  • Gaps in communication between sales and service
  • Missed up-sell opportunities
  • Aging business processes that can’t keep up with the demand

The role of a Production Efficiency Platform on the multipoint inspection process

A PEP like Workflow 360˚ is created to simplify difficult multi-step inspection processes that eat up too much time to achieve an adequate ROI. Our adopted system works with your dealership’s current DMS to service vehicles quicker, leading to increased revenue and higher retention rates.

While most DMS infrastructure enforces step-by-step task completion, Workflow 360˚ allows technicians to start one task and place it on hold while waiting for customer approvals, parts, and warranty submission. Techs are able to return to a different task and keep their job stack moving. This reduces downtime and creates more billable hours, positively impacting your bottom line. With Workflow 360˚, time is optimized and used well.

The importance of SMS messaging in the MPI process

One of the challenges that the automotive industry faces is the lack of two-way communication with customers. This is in part due to aging business processes that don’t address the evolving methods of communication that customers prefer.

Text integration makes it easier to communicate with clients and include recommendations, photos, and detailed information to get faster approvals. SMS messaging simplifies communication and gets vehicles through the service process quicker.

Workflow 360° leads to increased profits

In addition to enhancing communication and increasing the efficiency of the service process, Workflow 360° provides:

  • Enhanced data analysis that helps dealerships identify declined services and re-engage customers to turn a higher profit
  • Capture well-maintained vehicles for exchange
  • The ability to build a used car inventory that can save dealerships on the cost of used vehicles

This platform allows you to get multipoint inspections accomplished in a simple, intuitive, and flexible way that is customized to your dealership specifically. Interested in acquiring a service-based software that can integrate seamlessly with your DMS? Workflow Solutions 360˚ is ready to answer your questions. Get in touch today. 

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