3 Reasons Customers Choose Dealerships For Service and Maintenance

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3 Reasons Customers Choose Dealerships For Service and Maintenance

Our team at Workflow 360 has been in the automotive industry for years, witnessing how trends, technology, and innovation shape the way dealerships and auto shops operate.

One particular trend that has impacted the industry is the rise of independent garages promising lower rates and better service than their dealership counterparts. Do a quick online search about dealership car service vs independent shops and you’ll come across many articles arguing which of the two is better. This article is not one of them.

Instead, we want to highlight the top reasons customers choose dealerships for service and maintenance because we speak to the dealership managers who want to improve the processes within their departments. When dealership managers know the reasons their customers continue to choose them and hone in those strengths, it naturally attracts more business – regardless of where the trends, arguments, and opinions in online forums are going.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons customers choose dealerships for servicing and how new dealership management technology can help.

1. Convenience

When customers get their vehicle serviced, they want to have a hassle-free experience. Beyond competitive pricing, car owners will pay more for convenience and a smooth process. After all, car service and maintenance is an extra task on their day that they want to complete with minimal disruption to their schedule. Some of the conveniences that most dealerships offer are:

  • Shuttle service or a loaner car
  • Comfortable waiting rooms with WiFi, TV, coffee, tea, and kids’ play area
  • A ‘quick lane’ for simple routine maintenance such as oil changes
  • Text updates for approvals and estimated service times

A Production Efficiency Platform like Workflow 360 offers two-way communication with customers through text and SMS messaging integration. This allows for quicker approvals on repair recommendations and customers can conveniently see where their car is in the service process.

2. Time

Most car owners rely on their vehicle every day and will pay extra to have their car serviced quicker. One of the reasons dealerships can get jobs done quicker is that they have access to a larger inventory of parts, which leads to quicker turnaround times on repairs. Regardless of the extensive parts inventory, if there’s no smooth communication between the parts and the service department, dealerships face inefficiencies and longer wait times on job orders.

A Production Efficiency Platform like Workflow 360 that works with a dealership’s existing DMS can improve communication between the parts and service department. This can further improve how quickly a vehicle gets through the service bay and back with the customer.

Another advantage of Workflow 360’s DMS extension is that it allows technicians to place tasks on hold. Technicians can keep their job stacks moving while they’re waiting for approvals, warranty submissions, and other communication which helps reduce wait times for customers.

3. Warranty

One of the top reasons customers go to a dealership is because they don’t want to void the warranty provided by the manufacturer that covers the costs to replace or repair parts. This warranty is typically valid for 2 years, which also means dealerships have that time frame to provide top-notch service that will hopefully keep their customers coming back.

Naturally, customers will find a different company to work with if the service is slow, not up to standard, and communication is lacking. These are some of the most common issues that dealership service departments face and what managers are looking to improve. Here’s where dealerships can benefit from Workflow 360’s Production Efficiency Platform.

Keeping up with today’s customer

What Workflow 360’s extension does is populate data from a dealership’s existing DMS and gather it into one convenient place. This allows each department connected to the RO the ability to see real-time updates on where the vehicle is in the process, communications between team members, and access to automotive route sheets.

This leads to better communication between departments, quicker service times, and increased customer satisfaction. Workflow 360 has helped dealerships across the USA keep up with today’s consumers who are looking for convenience and a smooth experience.

If you’re ready to improve your processes and communication, request a demo and see how our Production Efficiency Platform can help your operations and increase your profits.

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