How Digitalization Can Improve Your Dealership’s Servicing and Parts Department

Improve Your Dealership’s Servicing and Parts Department

How Digitalization Can Improve Your Dealership’s Servicing and Parts Department

If you’re not already using a dealer management system at your dealership, the time to start is now. There are a ton of benefits that come with digitalizing your systems and client files. In this post, we’ll review just a few of the benefits that come with implementing a solution such as Workflow 360° at your dealership.

Streamline the Buying Process

Dealerships can enhance customer service through technology, offering online tools for financing, trade-in valuation, product pricing, and availability. By enabling customers to complete much of the buying process online before even visiting your dealership, the experience becomes faster and more efficient. This reduces your time per deal (TPD), streamlines operations, and can potentially lower the need for onsite staff, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

Simplify Credit Applications

Modern customers demand digital convenience. Customers who apply for financing before leaving your dealership are far more likely to finalize their purchase, and thus, integrating technology into the financing process is imperative for customer satisfaction and dealer success. Key strategies in this area include simplifying credit applications for online and in-store use, implementing digital signatures for paperwork completion, and utilizing digital tools that are built into your dealership management plugin to streamline operations and boost deliveries.

Ensure Your Technicians Can Work on the Go

Utilizing technology like Android, iPad, or mobile devices equipped with data plans and a dealership management system can empower your technicians to work both at the dealership and on the go. This mobility enables your team to travel between sites, servicing customer vehicles on-site. This approach can boost your business and enhance customer service.

Effectively Analyze and Use Data

Leveraging your data is paramount for enhancing the quality of your service and customer experience. Utilize the reports available in your dealer management plugin to address pain points within your repair event cycle. Analyze trends over time and compare outcomes to determine whether desired impacts are achieved.

Rely On a Trusted Dealer Management System

Not all dealer management systems are the same. While some work solely as CRMs, others are designed to offer a more comprehensive approach, enhancing all of your dealership’s processes and ensuring fluid communication between your technicians and departments.

Workflow 360° offers a complete solution for your dealership that comes with the benefits mentioned above and much, much more. Contact us today to learn more.

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