The true importance of database management in an organization

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The true importance of database management in an organization

When we talk about business operations, we typically think of customer service, sales, and the daily tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly. However, the success of these areas depends highly on how organized, secure, and efficient a company’s database is.

If you can imagine for a moment a customer requesting their last service appointment or trying to follow up with a prospect without their information, you get a simple idea of how database management is so crucial for any business. It’s one reason why our clients choose to integrate a dealer management service plugin to help gather, populate, organize, access, and secure their data. Let’s take a closer look at the true importance of database management and how a DMS service plugin can be advantageous to the process.

For dealerships, customer data is an invaluable resource

Dealerships rely heavily on customer data, from staying connected to prospective customers and keeping in contact with current customers to studying data trends and analytics. Every department in a dealership needs to access data every single day – but it’s not enough to just have data available. The way that data is organized, accessed, and managed helps team members validate results and complete their job efficiently.

Standards, protocols, and compliance regulations

We live in the information era where the rate of growth in data collection is not expected to slow down anytime soon. What adds to the challenge of managing a large volume of data are compliance regulations and privacy laws that every business must follow. Dealerships are involved with a customer’s finances, banking information, physical address, contact information, and other sensitive data that must be kept confidential and secure. The importance of database management is not only about the way it’s organized and accessed but also involves data security to prevent breaches.

Losing data can spell the end of your company

Another scenario to imagine is walking into your dealership and finding out that you’ve lost every single customer profile without a chance of retrieval. It’s a heartbreaking situation that, fortunately, is extremely rare. Most dealerships have a solid database backup and retrieval system. One of the benefits of our DMS service plugin is that it’s a cloud-based platform, meaning you can access data remotely even if your dealership’s network is down.

A DMS service plugin for your existing database management system allows:

  • For data to be accessed by other departments
  • Easy collaboration between departments and reducing duplicate data
  • Employees to easily find the information they need in realtime
  • Provides an organized structure and interface to communicate information with others
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