3 things you should know before buying dealership software

Dealer management system

3 things you should know before buying dealership software

If you’re in the research phase of buying a new software product for the dealership you manage, you’re likely facing several different options. With new technology promising a better system, a better process, and better day-to-day operations overall, it can be overwhelming to zero in on the software you need.

Dealer management service
Dealer management service

As you speak to vendors and gather recommendations, here are a few important things to know that will give you some clarity in your search.

1. Buying new software is not always necessary

A lot of dealership software comes with bells and whistles that aim to deliver results. However, finding the right product is more about helping you simplify your processes and less about adding features that you don’t necessarily need. More is not always better and, when it comes to managing a dealership, a simple and effective system usually brings better results in productivity and communication.

Consider a platform that integrates with your existing software like a dealership management service plugin. Our Production Efficiency Platform is an extension to your existing DMS that enhances workflow and communication between departments without the cost of introducing a brand new software. One of the benefits of a dealership management extension is that there is less of a learning curve for the entire team, which means less downtime and fewer costs. This brings us to our next point.

2. Advancements in plugins and extensions can provide solutions to the problems you are trying to solve

As a manager, you likely already know there is a transition period when switching to or adding new software to an ingrained process. The biggest obstacle with a new system is the challenges and resistance from the team. If the learning curve is too steep, you risk dissatisfied and overwhelmed team members, leading to more costly errors.

While new software can certainly improve business operations, look into software plugins and extensions to solve the same issue. The advancements of dealership software extensions have evolved over the years to help managers and departments find a solution to operational constraints. Of course, to find the right solution, we need to consider the goal of acquiring new software for your dealership.

3. Determine your business goals and identify the constraints

The problem that managers face is the need to keep up with the latest technology to stay competitive. New service shops are being built with advancements that are designed to enhance the customer experience, from the ability to communicate through text to getting quicker approvals on services.

As a dealership manager, our business goals are to:


  • Increase sales
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Improve the communication between departments
  • Improve the communication with customers
  • Increase custom retention and satisfaction
  • Have a better workflow



The more important question is, what are the constraints preventing team members from meeting these goals? If you’re looking for a solution that will help you achieve better communication between departments, two-way communication with customers, live reporting, and accurate data, your business can greatly benefit from a dealership management plugin.

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