Efficient Ways to Enhance Your Car Business with Software

Dealer Management System

Efficient Ways to Enhance Your Car Business with Software

If you run a car dealership, you know how much work it takes behind the scenes to operate a dealership like a finetuned vehicle. The complexity is immense in synchronizing sales, administration, reporting, inventory, car service, parts and financials; many dealerships are forced to look for integrated or enhanced software solutions that can evolve to manage their business and meet their unique landscape.

There is a growing need in the industry for customization beyond your typical Dealer Management System that will facilitate and improve communication between dealers and customers. Workflow Solutions 360˚ outlines 5 key ways to enhance your Dealer Management System using a Production Efficiency Platform.

1. Have a structured sales flow

With the right dealer management system and supportive service software in place, your team can keep track of each sale in the service process. From initial inquiry to conversion, having an efficient system in place provides each department real-time, bi-lateral information and communication with busy customers, throughout their various sales and service cycles.

This results in better follow-up on leads and a decrease in potential customers slipping through the cracks. A dealer management system is designed to increase the sales workflow, it has a positive impact on customer relationships and retention through improved communication. More often than not, the DMS infrastructure leaves gaps when designing a process that fits your dealership, specifically. Our software is evolved to integrate with any DMS on the market, and provide you with an opportunity to create your own process in the Service and Parts Departments. All while being able to communicate seamlessly with your DMS and various departments.

2. Identify holes in communication

With so many moving parts in a car dealership, some critical information may be missed with a lack of a well-integrated or adopted system. Even the smallest of details can grow into bigger issues that inadvertently reduce billable hours, repair orders and inaccuracy of available parts, resulting in bottleneck and lost dollars. This is especially challenging between the many departments that make up a dealership, including the finance department, service center, and front desk management.

By simplifying communication with your customers and integrating synchronized reporting, managers can easily monitor sales and service progress. The latest in Dealer Management System still doesn’t typically streamline communication between teams AND your customer. Creating a line of two-way communication between dealer and customer is a part of our evolved platform all while aligning route sheets, job priority, quotes, photos, SMS communication in one space that you can customize to be your own.

3. Eliminate bottlenecks

A dealer management system doesn’t guarantee the detailed analytics and real-time updates of each vehicle well. These insights help managers identify bottlenecks and constraints in the process and allow dealerships to improve pain points in the cycle time. Transparent communication leads to a smoother process and better customer experience. Our platform allows you to keep techs in their bays, service advisors creating repair orders and communicating effortlessly between your parts guys.

4. Consistent reporting

With our Production Efficiency Platform, you can create a smooth process not only with your staff and your Dealer Management System but you also create a better experience for your service and parts customers. Our customers see a higher than average CSI score with the implementation of WFS360˚. All data generated is collected on the dashboard and each team member is provided with real-time reporting. Consistent reporting in an integrated system saves time by allowing managers to view the progress of each vehicle, directly communicate with customers, and assess where bottlenecks occur in the process.

5. Embrace technology

You spend a lot of time assessing the versatility of a dealer management system often to find strict infrastructure that doesn’t allow you to create your own dealership process. We offer a way to customize the needs of the modern and well-equipped dealership while improving on instore sales tracking, inventory management, customer relationship management, appointment scheduling, live reporting, customer communication, and much more.

You take a walk down any NADA tradeshow hall and you will see miles of available dealership technology and resource vendors. There is no shortage of problematic or complicated options that do not enhance your throughput, flow time or inventory management and keep the work flowing.

Interested in acquiring a service-based software that can integrate seamlessly with your DMS? Workflow Solutions 360˚ is ready to answer your questions. Get in touch today. 

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