5 Ways to Increase Off-Season Sales for Your Dealership

Increase Off-Season Sales for Your Dealership

5 Ways to Increase Off-Season Sales for Your Dealership

The off-season can be a slow time, but it doesn’t have to be. Actually, this time of year presents a great opportunity to grow sales and position your dealership for stronger sales in the coming busy season. With the help of a dealer management system plugin like Workflow 360˚, you’ll be able to streamline your productions for a more productive off-season.

Here are five ways you can start increasing off-season sales at your dealership.

1. Focus on Service Over Sales

When the slow season hits, it’s a great time to focus on encouraging your clients to have their vehicles serviced at your dealership. Instead of putting all of your energy into your sales team, spend time reaching out to former sales customers and current service customers to book inspections and maintenance appointments.

With the help of Workflow 360˚, you’ll be able to track customer appointments and determine when they may be new for their next vehicle servicing.

2. Launch a New Marketing Campaign

The slow is a great time to put some effort into developing new marketing initiatives. You’ll be able to take your time to conduct appropriate research to see what may work in your market. For example, this might be a good time to launch a new blog to appeal to consumers online, sponsor some local teams or events, or look at television or radio advertising.

3. Funnel Your Energy into Property Maintenance

When things aren’t as busy around your dealership, it can be a great time to take care of some clean-up and maintenance projects to help you prepare for the upcoming busy season. Consider taking some time out to clean and re-merchandise accessory shelves, inspect lighting for burnt-out bulbs, and ensure your landscaping is pristine.

Maintenance and clean-up can also entail re-organizing your operational data. For example, you may want to take time to audit customer files or analyze your inventory needs.

4. Provide Training Opportunities for Employees

When sales are slow, it’s a great time to hone in on training. You can provide an array of training opportunities for your employees, offering workshops or courses on negotiations, products, customer service, or sales. You may even want to focus on technology, offering your team the chance to fully immerse themselves in your dealer management system plugin.

5. Audit Your Operations

Whether you’re looking at staffing, inventory management, or customer files, the off-season is a great time to audit your business and ensure everything about your operations is as efficient as it can be. If you’re working with an out-of-date dealer management plugin, this can also be a great time to consider upgrading to Workflow 360˚, which offers a thorough and efficient approach to dealership management.

Trust the Industry’s Best Dealer Management System Plugin

The slow season is a great time to make any needed changes to your business and take care of operational and property maintenance tasks. While sales may be slow, focusing on these important jobs during your downtime can ensure you’re set up for success when things get busier.

If your dealer management plugin is one of the changes you’re planning on this slow season, consider the benefits of switching to Workflow 360˚. Our software is designed to enhance processes and provide you with a more fluid communication solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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