What makes an automotive repair shop run effectively?

Automotive workshop

What makes an automotive repair shop run effectively?

Owning an auto repair shop can be greatly rewarding. The automotive industry is fast-paced, exciting, and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re operating an independent shop or part of managing a large dealership, the business has many moving parts to function well.

While some auto repair shops are struggling to stay afloat, others are thriving and buzzing with energy. Effective auto shops rely on good communication, accurate reporting, and excellent organization to grow. As experts in the industry, we’ve seen great companies build a strong reputation and uphold a certain standard of service. Here are some factors that set effective auto repair shops apart from their competitors.

Automotive workshop software
Automotive workshop software

1. Customer service is the focus

For any service-driven industry, the loyalty of customers is crucial. Without good customer service, any business in any industry loses clients and spends more trying
to acquire new customers. Auto repair shops that have built a good rapport maintain honest and open communication with their customers, securing repeat business and a solid customer base.

Focusing on customer service, however, doesn’t only mean speaking to your clients professionally. For many, a vehicle is a significant part of their life and as an auto repair shop, it’s the service team’s responsibility to get the vehicle back on the road safely and in a timely manner. To do this, the service process must be smooth to keep vehicles moving and customers happy. This leads us to our next point.

2. Support your team and find out what they need

When service techs are struggling to keep the workflow seamless or vehicles are kept in the service bay for too long, some auto repair shop managers question the skillset of repair technicians. However, the business will struggle without the right tools, regardless of how experienced and knowledgeable the mechanics are.

For example, if service techs are waiting for approvals and communication with the parts department, this has already created a bottleneck in the process. Instead, effective auto shops ask what their team needs and supports them in providing the right tools for a better workflow.

3. Be open to new technology

A simple solution for some of the constraints in the process can be found in a platform that plugs into the company’s existing automotive workshop software. A Production Efficiency extension helps simplify the process with live reporting, two-way SMS communication with customers, and cuts down the length of time that a vehicle is in the service bay.

One of the reasons an automotive repair shop may experience a decline in business is because there have been no improvements made to an aging business process. Adopting new technology is a natural part of business progression and can work in your favour in many, many ways. In the automotive industry, keeping up with technology is important to remain competitive and improve operations.

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