How Workflow 360° Improves A Dealership’s Parts Inventory Management

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How Workflow 360° Improves A Dealership’s Parts Inventory Management

Parts inventory in a dealership is directly correlated to revenue. And because inventory translates to assets, some of the most common inventory management problems can lead to lost profits, low employee morale, and dissatisfied customers. Some of these issues include:

  • High inventory costs

  • Low inventory turnover

  • Wrong products delivered to service techs

  • Data-entry errors

  • Longer waits for parts

Often, these constraints are due to the dealership’s parts inventory management software that lacks streamlined communication between departments. Automobile inventory management involves more than counting parts and recording numbers. Communication, accurate data entry, and real-time updates are critical for the job. Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform is a plugin that can have a significant impact on parts inventory – here’s how.

What is Workflow 360°?

Workflow 360° is software that integrates with a dealership’s current DMS. The PEP extension populates data and gathers it into one place where team members from each department can see real-time updates, communication, and access interactive route sheets. But what does this mean for parts inventory?

People, processes, and communication are what Workflow 360° focuses on. By improving the way we communicate and access data for each department, processes become more efficient – and in our technology-driven world, we can take advantage of a software plugin to manage these 3 important pillars.

How Workflow 360° helps your dealership’s parts inventory management

  • People – Connects departments with a streamlined way of communicating

While many dealership management systems have advanced features and impressive capabilities, most don’t offer what dealerships really need – and that’s a streamlined way of communicating between departments. The parts department works closely with service and sales – without an effective way of communicating between these teams, it becomes difficult for the parts department to manage inventory well and deliver the right products.

A PEP plugin keeps each department informed with real-time updates on a single dashboard, which keeps vehicles moving through the service bay and, consequently, lowers the cost of inventory and production.

  • Processes – Optimizes processes by minimizing the time and resources needed to get a job done

If a dealership’s parts and service department is busy every day, but each process eats up more time and resources than the competing dealership beside it, then the competing dealership is bringing in more profit at the end of the day.

For some dealerships, their existing process is not the problem but rather it’s the communication that’s causing bottlenecks. By focusing on people first, a smoother and more efficient process follows.

  • Communication – A more simplified and trackable way to communicate

With Workflow 360°’s PEP plugin, team members can pull up conversations between departments, browse through RO archives, and any notes attached to the account. Easy-to-access data is incredibly valuable for a busy dealership. Gone are the days of walking to each department or tracking down a team member for an update, which can eat up a lot of time and effort. With up-to-date information on a simple dashboard, team members are always in the know.

Our company is about the PX – the people experience and doing whatever it takes to make your jobs less complicated. Workflow 360° frees you from inefficient processes, allowing you to focus on the critical components of your job. Our exciting product is built with the latest technology, allowing you to achieve business flow and success.

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