Win Back Lost Customers With an Enhanced Software Solution

Win Back Lost Customers With an Enhanced Software Solution

Win Back Lost Customers With an Enhanced Software Solution

Retaining customers can be challenging in today’s competitive dealership landscape. Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform offers automotive scheduling software for auto dealers to enhance service efficiency, streamline communication, and win back lost customers.

Why Dealerships Might Lose Customers

Dealerships often lose customers due to inefficiencies in service processes, poor communication being a significant factor. Long wait times for vehicle repairs or maintenance and bottlenecks in service departments can lead to delays and frustrate customers. Limited throughput and outdated procedures further contribute to customer dissatisfaction. The lack of real-time updates and poor communication can leave customers feeling neglected and dissatisfied.

What is the Production Efficiency Platform?

PEP is a 360° software for auto dealers designed to improve communication and identify wasted technician time, seamlessly integrating with your dealership’s current DMS. It enhances the production of billable hours, leading to increased efficiency and profits.

Eliminating Bottlenecks and Increasing Billable Hours

PEP streamlines processes to help dealerships eliminate service bottlenecks and maximize billable hours. Efficient service leads to higher customer retention and ensures vehicles are sale-ready promptly. This efficient use of time translates to fluid production, increased sales, and an improved bottom line.

Key Performance Measures

PEP focuses on three critical performance measures:

  • Inventory: Increasing the number of repair orders and units waiting to be serviced ensures a steady inventory.
  • Throughput: Processing more billable hours in fewer clocked hours improves service processes.
  • Flow Time: Efficiently processing inventory allows more work orders to be completed daily.

Measuring each stage of the process precisely identifies timing deficiencies and bottlenecks, keeping everyone informed and involved.

Customization Process

PEP’s customization process involves continuous consultation and support for dealerships, departments, and customers. Effective communication ensures smooth job progression, allowing all supporting staff to work efficiently without obstacles.

Reporting and Analytics

Consistent reporting enables a smooth integration process, optimizing time usage. Real-time reporting provides management with a comprehensive overview of service operations, including:

  • Assessing each step of the service
  • Evaluating employee performance
  • Identifying process bottlenecks
  • Tracking the progress of every vehicle
  • Directly communicating with customers

This control over workflow helps dealerships manage operations more effectively.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Workflow 360° allows technicians to multitask efficiently, reducing unapplied time. Technicians can start a task, place it on hold, and seamlessly return to it, maximizing billable hours.
Customer Satisfaction Impact (CSI)

PEP enhances customer satisfaction through direct, real-time communication via two-way texting. Customers highly prefer instant messaging for updates, with statistics showing high read rates and effectiveness over email. This efficient communication improves customer relationships and retention.

Revenue Generation

Generating revenue requires a loyal, satisfied customer base. Workflow 360 °’s integrated software solution ensures timely, transparent communication at every customer touchpoint. Detailed analytics provide:

  • Real-time insights into vehicle and process status.
  • Keeping managers in control of cycle time.
  • Productivity.
  • The customer experience.

Efficient processes lead to happy customers, generating revenue for the dealership.

Multipoint Inspection

Time efficiency is critical in service-related tasks. Workflow 360°’s electronic multipoint inspection (MPI) platform is designed with the technician in mind, providing a simple, intuitive, and flexible inspection process. This allows efficient customer communication via print, email, and text, ensuring inspections are done effectively.

Addressing Common Dealership Challenges

Dealerships often need help with bottlenecks, limited vehicle throughput, waiting on warranty approvals, and outdated processes. Workflow 360° provides a focused inspection process, improving sales through proper procedures and avoiding these common problems.

360° Software for Auto Dealers

By implementing Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform, dealerships can streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. Don’t let inefficiencies hold your dealership back – request a demo today and see the difference an enhanced software solution can make.

Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform is a powerful tool to win back lost customers by enhancing service efficiency and communication. For a demonstration and to learn more about how PEP can transform your dealership’s service processes, visit Workflow 360°.

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