How to Find a Better Auto Dealer Software Development Agency

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How to Find a Better Auto Dealer Software Development Agency

Dealership management systems (DMS) is a complex and very robust platform that creates and supports daily operations in the automobile retail and operations environment. A DMS provides tools that support the service department, the sales department, finance, customer service, and more with the capability of that elaborate infrastructure.

While Dealership management systems can offer auto retailers effective tools and features that assist both the front end and back end of operations, they don’t typically adjust to the company’s needs and some fail to evolve with the rapid change of technology and communication channels.

Production Efficiency Platform

When those pain points begin to surface, dealers will often look for a solution to resolve those auto dealer software deficiencies. Identifying the key features of your dealer management system, then evaluating what is missing or obstructing a better workflow, is a great way to begin to look for the best integrated solution.

Key features of DMS

Do a quick search for dealer management systems and you’ll find that most typically offer the same tools for auto retailers. Some of these key features support:

• Reporting
• Time & productivity tracking
• Collaborative communication
• Inventory management
• Vehicle trade management
• Vehicle service management
• Financial management
• Customer records
• Fees for each vehicle

The importance of a DMS

Improving the profitability and efficiency of an auto retailer company is dependent on getting consistent, accurate data of each area of the business. With expensive downtime and unnecessary costs from bottlenecks, dealerships continue to leave money on the table the longer these constraints continue.

Being able to have a bird’s eye view of each department and area of business should be a core requirement when looking for a quality dealer management system and integrated platform that supports it. This will allow managers to capture real-time data that can be measured and improved.

Finding an auto dealer software development agency

Often times, when a car dealership is looking for a better DMS or searching for an auto dealer software development agency, it’s because their existing DMS does not offer a practical resolution to the constraint, is outdated and they are still in a lengthy contract or there is a fear of change, or they cannot quite customize their technology to fit their business needs.

At this point, car dealers have two options:

• Install a new DMS or find an agency to customize a DMS system, which can be costly and requires re-training all departments on a new platform
• Integrate a Production Efficiency Platform with little training

An evolved PEP like Workflow Solutions 360˚ works with any and all existing dealer management systems to:

• Improve workflow
• Enhance two-way customer communication
• Provide real-time reporting
• Eliminate bottlenecks
• Increase the efficiency of the service cycle
• Increase revenue and profit

There are many benefits to investing in a platform that supports and enhances your already existing software, the most important of them being improved customer satisfaction and retention as a result of a more efficient workflow.

Interested in acquiring a Production Efficiency Platform to improve your dealership? Workflow Solutions 360˚ is ready to answer your questions. Get in touch today.

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