What A Progressive Dealer Management System Looks Like

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What A Progressive Dealer Management System Looks Like

Just a few years ago, car dealers would need to log into several systems during the day to run different processes – a system for booking prospective buyers, another to submit transactions, a third to schedule maintenance and repair, and more. While some dealerships continue to use a mix of various systems, this is not the most efficient way to operate. In fact, it’s considered archaic compared to today’s standards.

Even one DMS can become inefficient if the tool doesn’t offer real-time updates, communication capabilities between departments, and populated data. As the automotive industry and consumer behaviour evolve, so must the technology we use to keep things running smoothly.

The question is – how can a dealership remain up-to-date without having to switch to the latest DMS (which can be costly) and needing to train staff on new technologies (which can be time-consuming). Keep reading to learn more about the Production Efficiency Platform that’s enhancing current dealer management systems across the country and why forward-thinking dealerships have already adopted it.

Main DMS features

Virtually all dealerships and autobody shops are familiar with dealer management systems. Today’s DMS allows companies to perform daily activities in one single platform and combines all of the tools that a dealership needs. Some of the core functionalities of a DMS include:

  • Data management system for storing client information
  • Client booking system or service, repairs, and sales appointments
  • Parts & inventory management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Workflow automation such as templated, notifications, calendars, and to-do lists

A dealership’s success depends on the cohesiveness of each department and software integrations allow for simplified exchange between team members. Throughout the decades, developers have continued to improve dealer management technology to be more collaborative, efficient, and interactive.

While a good DMS will increase your company’s productivity and improve customer service, off-the-shelf software does not solve unique issues such as communication and workflow. When your current DMS lacks certain integrations, a Production Efficiency Platform may be the solution you’re looking for.

A productivity extension for existing dealer management systems

Standard dealer management systems are mass-produced by software companies for all types of dealerships and automotive enterprises. Off-the-shelf DMS are fairly priced with fast installation and easy-to-use features. Despite this, it’s common for dealerships to run into problems with a standard DMS – particularly for busy service centers that experience consistent and steady customers every day.

One of the biggest challenges for dealerships is managing the service center’s time, keeping technicians productive, and ensuring customer satisfaction to really see a fruitful bottom line. What service managers need is a tool that helps them finetune the process for a smoother workflow.

As a solution, Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform is an interactive route sheet that allows:

  • Technicians to get the job done while remaining in their work center.
  • Technicians to put a job on hold to keep the job stack moving while waiting for parts and approvals.
  • Service advisors to have a bird’s eye view of each repair order status and vehicle location.
  • Two-way communication with service guests to keep them updated on the status of their vehicle.
  • Service managers to actively oversee processes such as which technician is working on a vehicle, communication with the parts department, carry overs, tow-ins, body shop, dispatching, reconditioning, and rental car information.
  • A database of as many route sheets as necessary, including current RO’s, closed RO’s, PDI’s, used cars, body shop, sublet, and detail.

Workflow 360°’s PEP plugin comes with many more benefits for the service department. It fine-tunes communication both internally between teams and externally with the customer, which consequently helps increase profits. Progressive dealerships know that every moment saved translates to a better bottom line. A DMS with Workflow 360°’s PEP plugin is a system that truly works for you, the people.

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