Effects of Dealer Management System on Each Department of a Car Business

Dealer Management System

Effects of Dealer Management System on Each Department of a Car Business

Do a quick search on dealer management systems and you’ll find an endless list of software and technology available on the market. While there is no shortage of dealer management software to choose from, they don’t address the growing need for a platform that improves communication and increases efficiency within each department.

Workflow Solutions 360˚ is the first cloud-based Production Efficiency Platform that enhances your existing DMS software. Below is an outline detailing how Workflow Solutions 360˚ affects each department of a car dealership.

Service Center

With so many moving parts and teams to manage within a service department, even the smallest of missed details can create a huge bottleneck through the service cycle. With an adopted system like Workflow 360˚, technicians and managers are able to report real-time information that tracks every vehicle’s progress.

Our platform helps to:

  • Simplify communication with customers through direct texts and email updates
  • Integrate synchronized reporting during the whole process
  • Reduce the day-to-day stress load
  • Allow managers to easily monitor sales and service progress

With the above, managers are able to identify issues as they arise and be proactive in finding a solution to blockages.

Parts Department

With a well-integrated system, managers are able to identify and problem solve where bottlenecks occur in the service cycle and obtain more accurate reporting of available parts.

A Production Efficiency Platform improves productivity in the parts department by:

  • Providing clear communication between service technicians and the parts department
  • Accurate reporting of available parts, prices, and order times
  • Selling more parts and increasing revenue

All of the above adds up to an average of 15-27% pay increase for technicians.


One of the challenges that car dealerships face with even the latest dealer management system is the lack of streamlined communication between teams and the customer. With the two-way communication that Workflow Solutions 360˚ offers, car dealerships have a better follow-up on leads and increase the sales workflow from initial inquiry to conversion.

Our evolved platform:

  • Aligns route sheets, quotes, photos, SMS communication, and job priority in one space
  • Positively impacts customer relationships and increases retention
  • Allows you to create your own process that fits with your sales and service cycle
  • Stays in touch with the service department with real-time information

With an adopted system like Workflow Solutions 360˚, transparent communication can become effortless. Our platform helps you customize and create a smoother process and customer experience that every team in your dealership will benefit from.

To experience the advantages of our Production Efficiency Platform, get in touch with one of our knowledgable reps. We are ready to answer your questions and improve your processes!

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