Improve Your Auto Dealership Sales & Inventory Management With Workflow 360

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Improve Your Auto Dealership Sales & Inventory Management With Workflow 360

People, processes, and communication – these are the backbones of an auto dealership and really, any successful business. Without a focus on these 3 pillars, companies risk wasting precious time, losing valued customers, and not realizing their full profit potential due to inefficiencies.

When there are bottlenecks and constraints in the internal operations, it can be easy to feel defeated or assume that a time-consuming and costly overhaul needs to be done. Switching software, additional staff training, and creating a brand new process is not an easy feat. In fact, these actions are rarely ever recommended.

In most cases, a dealership’s internal matters can be solved with a more efficient way of communication through a Production Efficiency Platform, a DMS extension, that works with a dealership’s existing DMS. No new software introduction necessary, which is costly and incredibly challenging to convert and train all staff members on.

What is Workflow 360?

Workflow 360 is software that acts as an extension to a dealership’s current DMS. It populates data and gathers it into one place for each department to access. Team members can see real-time updates, communication between departments, and have access to automotive route sheets.

It simplifies communication between departments, allows for two-way communication through text and SMS with customers, allows service technicians to place job tasks on hold, and helps move vehicles through the service bay quicker. But what does this mean for sales and inventory?

How Workflow 360 helps your dealership’s sales and inventory management

  • People

Simply put, software needs to solve problems for people but sometimes, it becomes the other way around. When software creates more problems within the dealership, people don’t use it and dealership managers are often left wondering why.

Many dealership management systems have all of the bells and whistles but don’t address what departments actually need – a streamlined way of communicating. Furthermore, a robust system may sound great in theory but in practice, can be complex and cumbersome for the people who need to use it.

Workflow 360’s Production Efficiency Platform remedies this by working with a dealership’s existing DMS and simplifying communication, processes, and workflow. It’s easy for team members to use and is flexible to solve specific problems within each department.

  • Processes

More often than not, a dealership’s existing process is not the problem when sales and inventory are experiencing inefficiencies. Most dealership managers have been working in the industry for years and have the experience and knowledge to run a dealership.

The problem is that the processes aren’t optimized. Most DMS lack connectivity and limits communications across departments. Although a dealership can be seeing incredible sales, the revenue doesn’t translate to increased profits if the sales process eats up time and more resources than necessary.

A DMS service plugin can:

  • Lower the cost of inventory and production
  • Move demo vehicle through the service bay and in front of shoppers quicker
  • Keep sales and inventory managers informed with real-time updates
  • Communication

Simplified and trackable communication is extremely valuable in a dealership. There’s no need to check with a department on the status of a vehicle when updates can be seen in one place by all team members. You have the flexibility to pull up document instructions, conversations between departments, and browse through open and closed ROs.

With information easily accessible, team members are always in the know. Furthermore, with documented communication, managers are able to identify where any bottlenecks and constraints are happening and use this information to improve processes.

Better workflow, increased profits

Our company is about the PX, the people experience – doing whatever it takes to make your jobs less complicated. Workflow 360° frees you from inefficient processes, allowing you to focus on the critical components of your job.

Request a demo today and see how Workflow can help you achieve a better workflow.

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