Remember the 4 “R’s” When it Comes to Your Automotive Clients

Automotive Clients

Remember the 4 “R’s” When it Comes to Your Automotive Clients

The Automotive industry is a competitive business and if you are a dealer you want to make sure you check all the boxes when it comes to your customer. After all, your company relies on its clients to keep the doors open. Giving your automotive customer a reason to return to your dealership is the key to increasing sales and growing your business.

What do you need to do to satisfy the individual needs of your clients while staying on top of the work in your shop? Here are some reasons you need a Production Efficiency Platform.

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The shop is busy and everyone has a different task to perform so it is important that each sector of the business can access information instantly. Live reporting tells your shop Foreman where a vehicle is at any given time during the workday. Live reporting lets you see everything as it is happening, from the customer waiting periods to billable hours. Not only is this information accessible to the person in charge, but live reporting allows everyone in your business to see the status of the job and check on service requests.


When a customer contacts you about the whereabouts of their vehicle, you can relay the up to the minute location and expected time of completion. Responding to your client in a timely matter helps them organize their day and helps you keep your client informed. No need to visit each department to know the status of a vehicle’s repairs. When you have a live reporting system, all the information flows smoothly from one department to another without delays to you or your client.


Keeping a client happy means communicating with them. By using up to the minute tracking of their vehicle you can message your client when the job is complete. A simple e-mail, phone call or SMS message can be sent directly from your Production Efficiency Platform to let your customers know their vehicle is ready. You will retain your customers by using a fluid communication system. No one likes to be put on hold multiple times when trying to determine the completion of their vehicle repairs. Giving your clients the option of how to receive updates on their vehicle allows them to schedule their day. A satisfied customer is a return customer.


What better way to increase your business than by referral. When your clients are happy with the service, have been kept informed in real-time, and get their vehicle back when promised, you know they will refer friends and family to your automotive dealership. Good customer experience makes for good repeat and new business.

Being busy is not always keeping your business in the black. Being organized makes your operation run smoothly and more efficient thereby increasing productivity and increasing your bottom line. Isn’t it about time you started using a Production Efficiency Platform? Contact Work 360 to see how to improve your automotive business.

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