4 Reasons to Consider a Loaner or Shuttle Alternative for Your Dealership

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4 Reasons to Consider a Loaner or Shuttle Alternative for Your Dealership

Shuttles are an excellent courtesy service to provide for customers; moreover, they can be a helpful aspect of your dealership management system. If you’re contemplating ways to provide more value to customers, consider a loaner or shuttle service. It’s a simple idea that offers a lot of potential, if done right. Here are five reasons to consider a shuttle alternative for your automotive business.

1. Stagnant RO

Imagine a customer coming in with a car issue, you fix the problem while they’re cruising in a loaner vehicle. You then attempt to enhance the deal via an upsell, and they accept. As a result, your service department enjoys increased profits by adhering to the convenience factor. Customers who use an on-demand shuttle service accept additional servicing more frequently.

2. Service Drive is at Capacity

Rush hour can slam your service department. When customer loaner requests exceed your fleet capacity, the result is fleet-depletion. This slows other fleet bookings as you’re unable to accommodate the demand. On-demand shuttle alternatives balance your service drive, eliminating bottlenecks while also stabilizing shuttle appointments.

3. Roadside Assistance

Accidents can happen, despite our best efforts. Being stranded at the side of the road due to a broken down vehicle can make you feel helpless and vulnerable. You can be the reassurance your customer needs in such a situation. Your dealership can be the life raft on the sinking ship that saves a customer in a bad predicament. Consequently, this service places you lightyears ahead of your competition.

4. Customers Want More Flexibility

This age of instant gratification has spread to every aspect of our lives—including how we receive vehicle servicing. One of the best ways to cater to the modern and ever-changing customer experience is by adapting your business to current expectations. An on-demand shuttle alternative can meet this and, as a result, create a better customer impression.

What’s Next?

An alternative shuttle service can add tremendous value to your dealership. It increases efficiency and allows you to provide more value to your customers. Another way to improve efficiency is by adopting a productivity plugin for your dealer management system. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today for additional information.

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