Workflow 360° Is Designed To Improve Dealership Service Management: Here’s How

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Workflow 360° Is Designed To Improve Dealership Service Management: Here’s How

Did you know that Workflow 360°’s Production Efficiency Platform is an interactive route sheet? Fundamental to all service centers are the route sheet and appointment book – and before technology gave way to robust DMS software and integrations, route sheets and appointment books were a simple piece of paper and a pen.

Today, it’s rare for a growing and busy service department to rely on paper and pen to keep customers happy, job stacks organized, and communication flowing smoothly between departments. While your service team may work within a DMS, Workflow 360°’s integration can improve productivity and communication even more. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Better Time Management

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – what a service department really sells is time. Service bays can be stacked with jobs and flowing with customers, but a busy service department does not equate to success or revenue. Sometimes a busy service bay can mean poor time management with customers waiting for their vehicle longer than they should.

That wait time can be minimized with an interactive route sheet. While most dealership management softwares use a step-by-step task completion process, Workflow’s PEP plug-in allows service techs to place a task on hold and move on to the next one while waiting for parts and approvals. With this simple attribute, service departments can structure tasks more efficiently and utilize that time in a more strategic way.

2. Reporting And Data Access Are Streamlined

Through a standard DMS, service technicians need to look up customer information and communicate with the parts department. This requires multiple tabs open and several channels of communication. With an interactive route sheet, service techs can simply click on the job task and pull up the customer history within the same platform, including vehicle service history, important notes, and past communication between departments. Reporting is done in real-time and the interface is quite simple and easy to use.

3. Managers Can See Where Bottlenecks Are Happening

When there is a constraint in the service department that’s causing delays, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where in the process it’s coming from. With an interactive route sheet, you can see where the vehicle is at in the service task through live reporting. Managers have a bird’s eye view of the process, which allows them to identify where the bottlenecks are happening and find a solution sooner.

Workflow 360°’s PEP plugin comes with many more benefits for the service department. It fine-tunes communication both internally between teams and externally with the customer, which consequently helps increase profits.

Our company is about the PX – the people experience and doing whatever it takes to make your jobs less complicated. Workflow 360° frees you from inefficient processes, allowing you to focus on the critical components of your job. Our exciting product is built with the latest technology, allowing you to achieve business flow and success.

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