Streamline Your Workflow With WFS360˚’s DMS Service Plugin

DMS Service Plugin

Streamline Your Workflow With WFS360˚’s DMS Service Plugin

Workflow 360˚’s DMS service plugin is the ultimate solution for busy dealerships. Based on our extensive experience in the automotive sector, we have identified time management as the foremost challenge that directly impacts profitability. Inadequate communication channels between various departments stand out as the primary cause of this time loss.

Although modern automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS) offer comprehensive features to support dealership management, a critical aspect that needs to be added to most is an integrated tool that facilitates seamless communication between departments and provides comprehensive visibility into the service department’s workflow.

This is where Workflow 360˚ comes in. As a cloud-based plugin and interactive route sheet, the Production Efficiency Platform facilitates seamless communication among different departments, thus effectively addressing a major hurdle and limitation encountered by automotive dealerships.

Key Features of WFS360˚’s DMS Service Plugin

The most expensive challenge faced by service departments is the loss of productivity. In many cases, the root cause of this problem is not inadequate management or unskilled workers but rather technological and communication constraints. Our DMS plugin works to mitigate these issues with the following:

  • Centralized communication – This software integrates data from your current Dealer Management System (DMS) and centralizes it into one location. This enables team members to access real-time reports that detail the vehicle’s progress through the service cycle. Furthermore, the communication history between job participants can be viewed.
  • Comprehensive job overview – The dashboard offers a panoramic view that enables you to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. By tracking the schedule and pinpointing slow-moving services, managers can quickly address problems and implement solutions.
  • Customer engagement – Service advisors can communicate directly with customers through text messages, photos, and videos, keeping them informed of their vehicle’s progress and allowing for swift service recommendations and approvals. This cloud-based platform saves all information in one convenient location, which streamlines workflow, reduces wasted time, and increases revenue.

How WFS360˚’s DMS Service Plugin Improves Productivity

  • Streamlines reporting and data access – In a conventional Dealer Management System (DMS), service technicians must access customer information and communicate with the parts department via multiple open tabs and communication channels. However, an interactive route sheet simplifies this process by allowing service techs to access customer history directly from the same platform. With real-time reporting and a straightforward user interface, this feature is both convenient and user-friendly.
  • Helps relieve bottlenecks – Identifying the source of delays in the service department can be challenging. However, an interactive route sheet can help by providing live reporting that shows the current progress of the vehicle within the service task. This feature enables managers to get an overview of the process and locate bottlenecks, allowing them to implement solutions promptly.
  • Better time management – Merely having a jam-packed service bay and a constant flow of customers does not guarantee success or revenue. In fact, poor time management can result in long wait times for customers.

Fortunately, an interactive route sheet can help minimize customer wait time. Unlike most dealership management software that uses a step-by-step task completion process, Workflow 360˚’s PEP plugin enables service technicians to pause a task and proceed to the next one while waiting for parts or approvals. This straightforward feature allows service departments to organize their tasks more efficiently, making strategic use of their time.

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Workflow 360°’s PEP plugin offers a range of other advantages for service departments. This tool optimizes both internal communications between teams and external communication with customers, resulting in increased profitability.

If you want to see how our Production Efficiency Platform can improve your dealership’s workflow, request a demo today.

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