5 Impacts of Real-Time Communication Tools in The Auto Industry

Real-Time Communication Tools

5 Impacts of Real-Time Communication Tools in The Auto Industry

If you run a dealership, you already know the significant role that communication plays on the company’s overall success. Effective communication allows all departments and staff to work with as little constraints as possible.

While most dealer management systems cater to the needs of each department, a Production Efficiency Platform allows real-time communication that each department can access. This supports busy dealerships and addresses some of the top constraints that companies face, including:

  •   Bottlenecks
  •   Limited vehicles moving through shops
  •   Waiting on warranty work and approvals
  •   No improvements to aging business processes

Even the top quality DMS software on the market today don’t prioritize the importance of effective communication in the automotive industry. Below, we take a look at the impact of real time communication that PEPs have on dealerships.

1. Better workflow with efficient reporting

Reporting is a crucial task for dealerships. However, no matter how well each team member reports where they are in the service or sales process, if real time reporting is not easily accessible, it doesn’t address the bottleneck that can happen in operations.

Consistent data that is collected on a dashboard allow management to be the eye in the sky, assessing where each vehicle is in the process and identifying where regular constraints occur. Real time communication between departments results in a smoother workflow and reduced downtime.

2. Simplified two-way communication with customers

Often, dealer management systems are outdated with technology that do not streamline the communication between customers and team members. A Production Efficiency Platform like Workflow 360˚ simplifies communication with customers through SMS messaging and the added ability to gather route sheets, quotes, and photos in one space for ease of use.

This direct two-way communication shortens the vehicle repair process with quick approvals while increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Increases billable hours

Less downtime means that working hours are used efficiently. Real time communication keeps everyone involved in the process and allows staff to communicate with the customer on where their vehicle is. By knowing each stage of the process, deficiencies and bottlenecks are addressed quickly, and more billable hours are processed in less clocked hours.

4. Increases customer retention

With real time communication, each staff is able to respond to customer inquiries properly. With Workflow 360’s Production Efficiency Platform, direct two-way communication frees staff from inefficient processes and allows them to focus on the customer. This streamlined process increases customer satisfaction, naturally resulting in better customer retention.

5. Generates revenue

With customer retention comes increased revenue. An efficient sales and service flow produces happy customers, which in turn generates revenue for your dealership.

Through Workflow 360°, an integrated software that is evolved to work with any dealer management system, timely communication is achieved. Real-time views and detailed analytics keep managers in control of the service cycle, productivity, and customer experience, which ultimately impacts the overall success of the dealership.

Get in touch with a representative today and request a demo to see how Workflow 360° can greatly improve your business.

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