3 Ways Digital MPIs Improve Dealerships

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3 Ways Digital MPIs Improve Dealerships

Digital multi-point inspections help technicians complete vehicle inspections faster and with more accuracy. With convenient platforms like online shopping and apps, today’s consumers have a higher level of expectation around service, communication, and convenience, and it’s no different in the automotive industry.

If dealerships want to remain competitive, they must take advantage of technology to improve their processes. This article details what digital MPI dealership software can do and how it helps dealerships achieve a healthier bottom line.

Data is stored in the DMS

All vehicle service history is archived in the customer’s file and can be accessed at a later date. This allows service advisors to quickly refer to previous MPIs and see past service recommendations. Dealerships can also store information about existing vehicle damage, protecting the company from fraudulent claims.

Dealerships that integrate a Production Efficiency Platform with their DMS have an even bigger advantage with streamlined communication, live reporting capabilities, and instant access to service requests and completed work orders in a single dashboard.

Quicker approvals

Digital MPI software combined with a Production Efficiency Platform allows service advisors to send customers recommendations with videos and pictures through SMS. Customers can approve or decline service recommendations with a single touch in a matter of minutes, eliminating the bottleneck that can occur from waiting on approvals.

Shorter approval cycles mean time saved for dealerships, one of the most costly challenges the automotive industry faces. Long approval times disrupt the service department’s productivity. If the vehicle has been swapped with another in the service bay while waiting for approvals, a domino effect begins with longer estimated service completion times for customers.

Creates upsell opportunities

Digital MPIs identify additional and important work needed beyond the service that the customer came in for. With pictures and videos to support the recommended services, advisors can provide transparent communication and honest advice, which increases customer trust. Selling additional work is an organic way to increase revenue while providing customers with a high level of service.

Dealerships that use digital MPI automotive software show increased customer satisfaction, a higher profit margin, and better productivity overall. The automotive industry continues to find innovative ways to improve processes with the latest technology, including robust DMS and DMS integrations.

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