Why Communicating through a Production Efficiency Platform is Key for Your Dealership?

Production Efficiency Platform

Why Communicating through a Production Efficiency Platform is Key for Your Dealership?

Many auto dealerships lose time and business because there is a lack of communication amongst the staff and customers. Make communicating easy with Workflow 360°; a Production Efficiency Platform that allows you to relay information to team members and clients in real-time so you know exactly what is happening when.

Why is communication so important in an auto dealership?


Have you ever heard of the game “Telephone” where one person says something to another and so on, eventually down the line what was originally said is misconstrued? This is similar to when a service advisor heads to the parts department to inquire about something and then the parts person goes to a service technician to find out whose vehicle the part is for and then this information is relayed to the sales manager who can’t identify what customer needed what. The point is, the pertinent information gets lost in translation as it makes its way from one person to the next, a very inefficient system for communicating.

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Make a path for clear communication by using a system that works for you like Workflow 360°. A platform that allows you to check off what has been done and write in specific notes that will transfer directly to the appropriate team members. Relying on vocal communicating from person to person breaks down the message and wastes valuable time both for the shop and the client. Having access to a Production Efficiency Platform keeps everyone in the loop with the correct data.


When you provide SMS messaging to your customers, you are allowing them updates and an instant communication channel to provide information on their vehicle’s status. Workflow 360° implements this type of communication, making it easy for your customers to trust you because they are being provided real-time details that would otherwise be impossible without a phone call at the end of the service. Your clients will appreciate being able to receive the message and respond to their opportunity. SMS messaging connects without interfering with your clients’ other daily responsibilities.

Communication builds trust. When your customers trust you, they keep coming back, helping your business succeed. Why else do you want your automotive customers to trust you? Referrals are the best way to increase your business and your trusted clients will refer friends to your dealership when you keep the lines of communication open.

Saves Time

You can get more done in a day when you know which tasks take priority. Workflow 360° lets you monitor where each department is at during the service of a vehicle. Increased productivity results from the ability of your team to know exactly where everyone is at. No one is left waiting around to do a task when they can see in real-time where the vehicle is. Scheduling the various departments allows your technicians to work on another vehicle if something gets delayed during the workflow. The results of a timely system with live updates and less downtime plus more billable hours. Keep your day moving forward and increase your profitability with Workflow 360°.

If you don’t have an excellent communication system within your dealership, it is time to get one. You can’t afford to let your business go to the competition.

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